Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day One

My name is Ryan Jaydon Gordon. I was born today, May 5 2009, at 11:40PM at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. I don't know the name of the midwives that delivered me, or the doctors who looked after me once I was born but boy there were loads of them.

Way back when I was only a tiny thing in mom's womb, we all went to the hospital for the 10 week scan. The doctors said I had far too much fluid behind my neck and I would probably die within the next few weeks. Mom was very sad and cried loads; dad was just angry and said that the doctors didn't know everything, God was in control. The doctor, who's name was Manish, said it would not be a bad thing to have the doctors kill me before I grew any bigger; mom and dad were not very happy with the advice and decided to keep me...phew!

Well anyway, after about 20 more scans and two amnio deductions (that's when the doctor sticks a big needle in mom's tummy and sucks out some of the watery stuff that I was swimming in), God decided it was time for me to be born, 4 weeks early.

My lungs had not developed properly and I was full of extra water so the doctor's took me away from mom and dad as soon as I was born. They put a tube down my throat to give me air and stuck some needles in my arms for medicine. It sounds bad but I have a special bed to sleep on it is really warm and comfy. Also, the nurse who is looking after me is really nice; her name is Carmen and she is from South Africa (the same place mom and dad are from).

Mom and dad came to see me just now; I couldn't see them because my eyes are swollen shut but I know their voices so well. They both held my hand and prayed for me. I wish I could tell them how much I love them but that will have to wait.

Thank you Jesus for letting me live. Amen.

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