Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day Fifteen

I moved to PICU today. I got a ride in the transporter and have been on a different breathing machine because of it. I find it a little bit harder on the this new machine but the whole move to my new home went quite smoothly. The nurses were really pleased.

Only mom was here to see me move, dad is back at work. I know he loves me and I am sure he will come and see me later.

My favourite nurse, Carmen, cried when she said goodbye to me. I will miss all the wonderful nurses at SCBU. They took such good care of me.

The nurses at PICU are also nice and they have much more space to look after me in than at SCBU. At the moment I am the only one here that is being looked after. This place also has a parents room just a little way from my bed and mom and dad can come and see me whenever they want without having to wait outside.

Today I also had a huge needle put in my leg for the dialysis and there is a bug machine next to my bed which is going to filter my blood; though the doctors and nurses are still trying to get it working.

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