Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Day Forty Three

It's been good few days for me, and for everyone who loves me I guess; my CO2 levels have been much better and today the nurses even reduced my oxygen pressure from 30 to 26. The target they say is 12 and then I should be able to breathe on my own. Woohoo, what a day that will be! They also reduced my breathing rate from 70 to 40, which feels alot better. I need to get it down to 20. Still lots for me to do but with all the people asking Jesus to heal me, I am sure He already has. We just need to be patient and watch my body get stronger.

Mom and dad had another meeting today, with a doctor from SCBU called Dr. Ives and one from PICU called Dr. Scheffler; and of course my day nurse, Kirsty. They were in the meeting room for ages but when they came out mom and dad were smiling and laughing. Then they started talking about what the doctors said and it didn't sound very good to me. I guess they were smiling because they know that Jesus loves me and no matter how bad things get, He can heal me. I hope that is what His plan is...I will be the first to know if it isn't, but that is ok too.

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