Friday, 26 June 2009

Day Fifty Two - The End

My name is Ryan Jaydon Gordon and today Jesus came to fetch me while I was in my mom's arms. I breathed on my own for an hour before He took my hand and led me away. Mom and dad were both there and I know how much they love me; I just hope they know how much I love them.

Today was the first time I ever wore clothes. My aunty Shan and uncle Bjorn bought me a Winnie-the-pooh and Tigger babygro - it was so soft and made me feel really warm.

Mom is smiling in this picture because I looked so cute and because she loves me so much. I was awake for most of the day before my tubes came out.

Dad loves me too...he spent the whole night with me in the cubicle room and slept in a chair next to my cot. I did wake him up a few times when my heart rate went too high.

Mom slept at the Ronald McDonald House in the "Folly Bridge" room with Naomi, Noah, Rene and Travis. My little big sister, Naomi slept next to mom. I got my turn later when the oscillator was switched off.

It was a busy day today because I had so many visitors. First there was mom and dad with my brothers and sisters; then aunty Shan (uncle Bjorn had to go to work); then granny Tehillah and grandpa John; then aunty Laura and uncle Garreth with my cousins...and then finally grandpa Michael, who drove all the way from Wales this morning. Phew, I guess I really am loved and will be missed. I just hope everyone remembers that Jesus is taking good care of me until they see me again in heaven!

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