Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Day Nineteen

Mom came to see me with my older sister Rene today. Dad was with the church and mom had to phone to ask him to come to the hospital because the machine that filters my blood has stopped working and the doctors say that I may only have a few days to live. Well, you can imagine what dad said..."they don't know everything!". Mom and Rene were crying, dad said he got uncle Cliff to pray with the church. I expect Jesus was listening so I am just waiting for things to get better.

One of the doctors called Emily had a long talk with mom and dad. She told them that all my important organs were not working properly and that I would die very quickly if the doctors stopped giving me the medicines for my heart. She also said it may be better to stop helping me breath and let me die instead of waiting for me to die on my own.

I know mom and dad believe that Jesus has already done things inside me to let me live and they won't give up. Dad told doctor Emily that he was trusting Jesus for a miracle for me and that if one does not happen, he is happy for me to go to be with Jesus forever. That sounds good but I do want to go home first, I haven't even played in the garden yet or had Cheerios for breakfast or slept in mom and dad's bed; there is still loads for me to do before Jesus comes to fetch me :-)

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